Top 10 IT support companies in South Carolina

Have you ever felt overwhelmed to the point where you’re left wondering how to access a competent IT support companies – especially in South Carolina, USA? For organizations that depend on in-house teams for IT support, issues of under skilling, lack of specialized talent, and limited capacity are familiar territory. But these are not unreasonable problems to have in the modern-day business landscape. The rapid pace of digital transformation leaves many internal IT teams struggling to cope with the changing demand of competitive businesses in today’s world – resulting in inefficiencies and poor performance.

The perfect solution to this problem would be a high-performing, fully-staffed technical department with all the relevant skills, experience and training to meet not just immediate business needs, but also equipped to meet the business needs of the future. However, this solution comes at a hefty price. The next best solution to this is access to a competent, fully-staffed IT support companies with the skills and experience to offer responsive support that can scale up to future demand.

If you’re in the market for the latter, this article is for you – especially if you’re based in South Carolina, USA. In the rest of this article, we will outline the top ten (10) IT Support companies in South Carolina USA.

1. Merit Technologies

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Founded in 2009, Merit was born out of a need to help companies cost-effectively improve employee productivity using technology. In this time, they have built solid customer relationships with clients in a variety of industries including healthcare, construction, retail, manufacturing, financial, and real estate.

Quality and relevance are at the forefront of Merit’s operations, and they promise response times below 1 hour, anywhere/anytime support with remote engineers, HIPAA-compliant solutions and fully trained Microsoft-specialized technicians.

2. Branch Technologies

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Branch Technologies aims to provide fast and affordable IT support to small and mid-sized businesses across South Carolina. Specializing in supporting dental facilities, healthcare facilities and small businesses, they offer IT support that covers all aspects of computing and network support.

They also provide help desk services, remote infrastructure monitoring and management, network support, Office 365, backup and disaster recovery, and virtualization.

3. On-Demand Network Solutions Inc


Operating out of Columbia SC, On-Demand IT leverages the combined skills, expertise, and knowledge of a strong team of IT professionals to quickly tackle the IT problems of local businesses throughout South Carolina.

Based on a flat monthly fee structure, On-Demand offers HIPAA-compliant onsite and remote IT support services to its diverse client base, in a bid to help clients save on unexpected labor charges and fees.

4. ANC Group


Since 1999, ANC has used its understanding of leading-edge technology to make a difference for its clients. Their services are designed to proactively manage IT assets from infrastructure to data security and beyond.

They offer proactive IT services and IT support services to businesses across the Southeast, with custom-tailored services to suit clients needs. ANC Group’s IT support services include 24/7 monitoring and support, disaster recovery, data backup, and much more.

5. Integrated Technology Services


Based in Charleston SC, ITS delivers a full-time IT support service to local businesses through a local team of certified technicians. They promise to offer a fantastic support service, with fast response times at a fixed monthly price.

Their services include on-site and remote support services, IT consulting, backup and disaster recovery, customer portal access, and more.

6. Servcom USA

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Since 1999, Servcom has operated with a mandate to provide “excellent, business-orientated information technology products and services” according to their website. In keeping with this mandate, Servcom is committed to improving the efficiency and security of its client’s businesses using tailored solutions.

Based in Rockville SC, Servcom offers a standard IT support plan that includes helpdesk and phone support, a designated account manager, remote and on-site support, and more – all under a standard plan. With their standard, contract-free service plan, Servcom aims to deliver considerable benefits to businesses of all sizes.

7. Computer Guyz

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Headquartered in Charleston SC, Computer Guyz specialize in troubleshooting computing problems and developing affordable solutions to eliminate them.

Since 2010, Computer Guyz has focused on providing reliable hardware solutions including PC and Mac troubleshooting, onsite and offsite data backup, data recovery, video and teleconferencing, laptop and desktop repair, wire concealment and routing, email support and hosting, and much more.

8. Progent

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With 12 years of industry experience, Progent dedicates its team of Microsoft-certified technicians to businesses located outside the South Carolina metro areas. They aim to solve the problems of unreliable networks, productivity loss and unresolved IT issues that underserved South Carolina businesses face.

For companies with small IT budgets, Progent offers enterprise standard network support through its team of professional technicians.  They offer both remote and onsite IT support which includes: troubleshooting, help desk/call centre, network security, disaster recovery, network security assessment, site relocation, on-premises security assessment, and more.

9. HillSouth IT Solutions

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Based in Florence SC, HillSouth offers IT support to small businesses looking for fast growth, especially within the healthcare and education industries. They offer a complete IT support plan that includes unlimited support with a per-device billing.

Their commitment is to proactively manage their clients IT environments while minimizing downtime. Services covered include after-hour support, maintenance and repair of systems, proactive maintenance, regular environment assessment, 24/7 remote support, server monitoring, and more.

10. Stasmeyer


For over 18 years, Stasmeyer has provided reliable IT support services to businesses throughout South Carolina. They pride themselves in taking a singular approach towards IT support with one fine-tuned product, one process and one experience. That one product is an excellent IT support service, which according to Stasmeyer is tailored to the client.

They specialize in six core areas: Law, professional services, manufacturing, healthcare, home services, and insurance. Support services available to local businesses include consultancy and expert guidance with tailored strategies, remote data access and team collaboration, backup solutions,  fast incident response and resolution help desk services, and more.

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