HIPAA IT – Top 10 Compliance Consultants

Modern day healthcare has moved away from tedious paper-based data storage to electronic health records. But how to protect your patients’ data in this digital age? We’ve collated the top 10 HIPAA IT compliance consultants across the USA who will help you stay safe, secure, and technologically up to date.

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1. Merit Technologies

Boost your productivity while keeping your Electronic Protected Healthcare Information (ePHI) secure with Merit Technologies. They’ll keep you compliant with HIPAA regulations through a range of tailored IT solutions, including disaster recovery, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity services. Merit works with healthcare organizations, CEs, and BAs to maintain HIPAA compliance through both technical and non-technical safeguards to protect against loss or disclosure of ePHI.


2. Streamline Technology Group

Trust Streamline to manage your technology environments, achieving and maintaining compliance within HIPAA regulations. Your patient data storage, network security, and digital communications are just a few of the tech burdens they’ll lift off your shoulders so you can get back to what’s important: looking after your patients.

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3. Carolina IT

Carolina IT knows how important HIPAA compliance is – and how maintaining ePHIs can get in the way of caring for your patients directly. Speak to Carolina IT about performing a HIPAA assessment to find out if your business is falling short, compliance-wise, and if it’s time to start building a remediation plan. They’ll help you create a roadmap for HIPAA compliance.

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4. Compliancy Group

Compliancy Group provides software and live coaching for a simplified approach to HIPAA compliance. Their software solution, The Guard, will give you everything you need to achieve, illustrate, and maintain compliance with confidence and guiding support.

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5. Executech

If you’re a HIPAA BA, Executech can provide you with a free, no-obligation cybersecurity audit to help you determine any weaknesses in your system. They believe in a “people-first” approach, and aim to improve lives, organizations, and communities through technology.


6. Swift Systems

Swift Systems understands that HIPAA compliance is a top-priority and created their Managed HIPAA Compliance packaged service to help set you on the right path. They’ll help you complete a risk assessment and create a risk management plan to start with and will tailor the solutions to your specific needs.

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7. CynergisTek

CynergisTek experts will work in partnership with your team to help you prepare and understand your levels of compliance. They’ll help paint the clearest picture of adherence using mock audits, workshops, and assessments, offering expert guidance and advice for improving areas where needed.

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8. Clearwater Compliance

Clearwater Compliance specializes in providing healthcare organizations with software, managed services, and consulting to avoid preventable breaches and protect your patients. From security and privacy assessments to workforce training, they’ll cover all your security worries.

9. Healthicity

Solve all of your compliance challenges through Healthicity – whether you need protection from privacy and security pitfalls, or need to assess your program, their experts can answer all of your concerns. Their user-friendly software solutions are designed to simplify your workday and ensure your organization is audit-ready.

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10. RSM US

RSM US knows how critical monitoring HIPAA requirements is, and their services are designed to help ensure full compliance, providing meaningful observations and consulting to help achieve your security and privacy objectives. Their healthcare professionals will collaborate with you to understand all the nuances within your organization, so you receive recommendations and solutions tailored to you.

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