Safety Meetings – Text Distribution

What is the best way to mass distribute information to your employee base? Email might work, but data suggests email-delivered information is significantly less likely to reach the end recipient. Additional challenges, such as spam blockers, over-exposure, and promotion filtering often prevent successful email communication. Has your business considered safety meetings text distribution?

Enter MeritEHS’s text distribution feature. Using it, an administrative user can mass text safety meetings to the entire employee list, track recipients, track read receipts, and even track notes acknowledgments.

The Text Configuration page allows a user to filter the list of employee recipients based on subcontractor, division, and title/position, before selecting one or all of the filtered results.

Employees will receive a text from a dedicated MeritEHS number. All text messages include the name of the user who sent the text and the link to the Safety Meetings notes.

All sent messages track the recipient, if they clicked the link, and if the checked the acknowledgment box at the end of the notes.

The Safety Meeting Text feature offers a superior channel of communication to your entire employee base. Contact the MeritEHS support team for more information or to setup a private demo.

Explore the innovative capabilities of MeritEHS, a cutting-edge solution crafted in collaboration with seasoned Safety Professionals and esteemed OSHA consultants. With MeritEHS, clients unlock a streamlined approach to safety management. This empowers the clients to navigate complex regulatory landscapes with ease while optimizing operational efficiency. Our platform seamlessly integrates industry expertise and technological process to deliver a comprehensive suite of tools. Experience the transformative power of MeritEHS as it revolutionizes safety management. It provides clients with the confidence to proactively address challenges and drive sustainable success in their endeavors.

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