Client Spotlight: ProSource Supply

Prosource Supply, a North Carolina-based wholesale plumbing distributor, had unique challenges facing their particular industry. They needed an IT partner to help them process their outdated equipment, cybersecurity, WiFi, VPN and to streamline their organization as they became more and more interconnected.
“People do business with other people, and I’m very fortunate my CFO, Vick Crowley, had a relationship with Merit. It became really apparent very quickly that these were the folks we wanted to do business with.”
“I truly felt they wanted to understand our business, to become integrated with us, and that has made the infrastructure/IT issue a non-issue for us.”
“Merit took the ball and ran with it on things they wouldn’t even normally cover. They took the problem off of my shoulders and my CFO’s shoulders. When the rubber hit the road, they stepped up and did a magnificent job for us.” – Drew Roberts, CEO, Prosource Supply
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