Could Your Productivity Tools Actually Be Slowing You Down?

To state the obvious, the reason we use productivity tools is to help us be more – well…productive.

However, if your tools aren’t used or implemented the way they should, they could be slowing you and your team down rather than speeding things up. That’s not only frustrating for you and your people, but it also wastes time and money – which defeats the purpose of being productive.

So how can productivity tools – which of course are designed to help us – end up hindering us?

If your employees aren’t trained to use the tools properly, they’ll likely end up using them inefficiently, or will all find their own ways to use them. The tools may not be integrated correctly with your other systems and apps, which can create additional, unnecessary work. Maybe your people find that a tool isn’t useful to them, so they quit using it. Perhaps the tool wasn’t the best choice to begin with.

Sometimes implementing new technologies and tools can seem daunting – that’s why many business owners just try to avoid it altogether. This could be due to risk aversion, or maybe because they feel they don’t have enough information to choose the best solution from the many options out there – which all work differently and each have their own pros and cons.

It’s not that business owners don’t want to bring in new productivity tools – they know how beneficial they can be, that they improve employee satisfaction, and help give them a competitive advantage – it’s just that saying can sometimes be easier than doing, and there could be a lot more involved in the “doing”. What they really need is expert help to make choosing, planning, and implementing the best solutions easier for them.

Also, as more and more AI solutions become available – and as businesses in your field continue to implement and benefit from the growing technology – those who don’t keep up will likely fall behind. 

Not only does working with an expert technology partner help you in finding productivity tools that are the best fit for your business, but they can help you make the most of your investment by making sure your employees are properly trained in using them.

This will allow you to gain all the productivity benefits you were looking for – plus your people will be more engaged, skilled, and efficient.

Want help finding the right solutions and getting the most out of your productivity tools? That’s what we do – contact us to speak with one of our technology experts.

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.

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