Remote Monitoring & Management Services

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Are you looking to increase your workplace productivity? With Merit Technologies’ remote monitoring and management services, we can help eliminate disruptions to your company’s daily operations

Keep your computer systems secure and efficiently operating is essential to success.

Software Updates
Firmware Updates
Keep Track of Your IT Assets
Verify Your Computers are Secure
Ensure Your Systems Perform Optimally
Monitor and Manage Mobile Devices
Keeping You Secure
Software Updates

Many applications and system software have security weaknesses that can reveal opportunities for cybercriminals. They can install malicious codes, therefore highlighting the need for regular software updates. However, newly released patches will eliminate any vulnerabilities in your computer systems.

Enhance User Experience
Firmware Updates

We know this task often gets pushed by the wayside, but it’s imperative to apply updates promptly. Proper patch management will help provide enhancements and fix any potential bugs. Most critically, updates will also close security vulnerabilities and help protect your systems against cyber-attacks.

Reduce Wastage
Keep Track of Your IT Assets

It’s essential to conduct a regular inventory of your IT assets. This can include keeping records of licencing details, location and serial numbers. You should also keep track of your installed application information and version numbers for all your computing devices. Tracking your IT assets means you’ll always know key information such as equipment age, licence expiration dates, and the status of the latest patches and updates.

Protect Your Reputation
Keep Your Computers Secure

A crucial part of your computer security strategy should be continuous monitoring of your services, desktop computers and other devices. Keeping a computer event log will help detect any illegal attempts to access your systems remotely. It will also provide insight when an attack attempt occurs, rather than only finding out when hackers are successful and have already gained access to your data or implanted malware.

Keep Your Staff Productive
Ensure Your Computers are Reliable

By keeping an eye on the performance of your servers, computers and devices, you allow the opportunity to address any issues before they become a problem. This can include checking memory, processor use and available disk space.

Secure Connections
Monitor and Manage Mobile Devices

In today’s pandemic-run world, many employees are working remotely using laptops, tablets and smartphones. These devices need to be managed and monitored like any desktop computer. For employee’s mobile devices, you should provide secure methods for devices to connect to your systems.

Taking care of your technology in South Carolina and the Southeast

Merit Technologies can take care of the monitoring and managing of your computer systems. Based in Greenville, we provide remote IT services to small businesses throughout South Carolina and the Southeast.
Our team are highly skilled in IT computers and systems and, as such, we can rectify any performance or security issues before they become significant or costly problems. Sleep easy at night knowing your computers are monitored 24/7, keeping your business safe and efficient.