Managed Security Services

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Tighten your organization’s defense and response to threats with 24×7 security management and support with Merit’s state-of-the art Security Operation Center (SOC) Services

Your Security is Paramount

74% of companies that suffer a data breach, don't know how it happened


Threat Intelligence & Network Protection

Protect your business and your reputation

Merit Technologies provide security services that scan endpoints and networks, and monitor and analyze vulnerabilities. We connect your people, technology, and processes within a secure environment.

Gain visibility, measure performance
Easy to use dashboards & reporting
Improve IT productivity
Empower user satisfaction
Mitigate and reduce risk
Incident Response & Remediation

Limit damage and safeguard your organization

The team at Merit Technologies will conduct incident forensics and response, ransomware recovery, and improve your overall security posture. 

When under attack, every second counts, which is why our Incident Response solutions give you confidence that you will quickly identify and react appropriately to a cyber-attack.

  • On-site Assistance
  • Incident Classification & Triage
  • Incident Prioritisation
  • Remediation Tracking and Verification
Monitoring, Detection & Response

Peace of mind that your business is safe, secure, and compliant

By utilizing the latest in threat detection and response standards, the team at Merit Technologies is empowered to detect new types of attacks that are otherwise commonly missed. Our Cybersecurity Team is focused on proactive threat intelligence, threat hunting, advanced security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response.

We provide real-time monitoring and analysis of your environment, using our security platform to remove false alarms and detect real threats.

  • Log Management & Compliance Reporting – providing alerts on security events.
  • Security Event Monitoring – expert analysis of your security activity.
Data - Data analysis
Penetration Testing

Identify risks before hackers do

The team at Merit Technologies aims to identify weaknesses in your security systems before hackers do. We find your weaknesses to ensure hackers do not have access to your data.

Our security engineers combine the tools and techniques used by hackers with disciplined scientific procedures to provide unique insight into the state of your infrastructure.

Ethical Hacking takes you to the next level. We go beyond risk assessment and carry out the exploits using a wide range of techniques and attack vectors.


2020 saw 642 large data breaches reported by healthcare providers, health plans, healthcare clearinghouses, and business associates of those entities – 25% more than 2019, which was also a record-breaking year – HIPAA Journal


In 2019, one report found that half of manufacturing companies had experienced a data breach or cyber-attack. As technology continues to evolve and become part of daily operations, these attacks threaten to halt manufacturers in their tracks.

IoT Security

Cisco estimates that IoT will generate $14.4 trillion of potential bottom-line value over the next 10 years. "Smart city" initiatives, such as adding intelligence and communication capabilities to the public infrastructure, could drive a $3.3 trillion market by 2025.