Virtual CIO Services

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Outsource your IT leadership to a technical executive, leading your organization towards a clear, efficient IT strategy that drives growth and reduces operational risks

Save the cost of paying for a C-level executive without losing the benefits of this critical role

More value for money.

Outsource your IT leadership for less than hiring a full-time C-level executive.

Maximize ROI

Ensure that your funds are not wasted.

Fully flexible

Flexible strategic direction and advice that’s available on-demand.

Combined expertise

Access to multiple skill sets to suit your organizational needs.

Your Strategic Guidance

Business transformation and guidance without the huge HR investment

The demands of the modern-day business landscape from regulations, security threats, the need for a competitive edge, etc. all contribute towards your need for an on-demand, cost-effective virtual CIO that can give your organization a competitive edge. 

With our vCIO service, you get a professional asset assessment that identifies what technology you’re currently using, what works, and what doesn’t. This assessment includes operational analysis, assessment of your overall business model, available resources, and technology infrastructure for a clear understanding of your available resources and ROI.

Feedback from our customers

Merit Technologies has greatly improved our organization's network security. During the short time that we have been with Merit, they have prevented a ransomware attack, improved our wifi capabilities, and remote access and support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our organization has headquarters and 9 remote sites with many staff members and workstations.

Bryan Horton - Director of Information Systems & Technology
Your Long Term Goals

Get access to a vCIO designed for long-term competitive advantage

Transformation Roadmap.

Get a digital success roadmap to guide your business transformation and adaptation.

Operational Improvement.

Identify opportunities in your operational technology for improvement.

Future-proof approach.

Gain competitive edge by future-proofing your organization.

Long Term Planning

Are your current technology solutions aimed at addressing short-term challenges, or are your long-term needs also considered?

Technology solutions with a short-term focus tend to lead to poorly integrated applications that may duplicate functionality at an unnecessary expense. This problem leads to time-consuming, insecure workarounds. Our vCIO will work closely with you to identify gaps in your technology, highlighting redundant processes and systems not capable of offering you a return on your investment.

Based on this, you receive a clear, strategic roadmap featuring a clear path towards more effective use of your resources to achieve maximum ROI.

Work with a local virtual CIO in South Carolina

If you want to save your organization the time, resources, and risks associated with poorly managed technology investments, switch over to our affordable vCIO service.

Merit Technology has an extensive 12-year track record of offering vCIO services to organizations both large and small. In addition to offering strategic recommendations, we will assess your entire vendors and contracts portfolio and create one, two, five, and ten-year strategic plans which are congruent with your overall business plan and a net positive on your technology investments. Contact us today, and we’ll even give you a free 60-minute strategy session!