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Your company is in it for the long run, why shouldn’t your business IT services?

Industries We Serve

Here are some of the industries and clients that trust us with their business IT services:


Your industry’s applications, software and regulatory environment are always changing. You need cyber security and business IT services that can not only keep up, but look forward to proactively protect your business. Merit is an experience business IT services provider supporting accounting firms, local banks, financial planners and more. Learn how we can support you.


With complex HIPAA compliance requirements and endless data points to keep track of, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with everything in the healthcare industry. At Merit, we craft solutions to enable your organization to reach its fullest potential, not holding you back.

Community responsibility is a must for your organization and its important for your donors to make use of every dollar. Keeping the information entrusted to you secure can be a challenge, as well as managing your ever-evolving finances. Merit has experience providing business IT services to nonprofits on a strict budget. Trust us to manage your business IT services so that you can focus more on your purpose. 


As a manufacturing firm higher-up, you have a significant amount of responsibility to make sure your systems and processes are secure and up-to-date. Merit can help detect suspicious activity and respond quickly to minimize the impact of a cybersecurity event. Our experts can work with you, not against you, to improve efficiency, productivity, ensure compliance, streamline your IT management, and assist with expert advice and plan for the future.

Construction & Engineering

Outsourcing your business IT services to a generic managed service provider won’t have the industry-specific insight needed to effectively manage your business, be it in construction or engineering or both. At Merit, we can accelerate technology adoption, understand business continuity plans, and align software applications tailored to your company’s needs.

Small Business

Keeping a small business afloat is quite the challenge. Between wearing many hats, updating your tech and putting out workplace fires, it’s a wonder how you have any time to run your company effectively. With the right business IT services partner, technology can shift from holding you back to helping you grow.

Are Your Business IT Services Taking Away From Your Regular Operations?

If any of these sound like you, it’s time to talk with us. Merit Technologies can provide the personal touch and peace of mind your company needs.

Dealing With Your Business IT Services Provider Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

At Merit, we understand that when you have an issue with critical technology, cyber security or even everyday software, you need help fast. More than that, you deserve a managed or  co-managed  business IT support partner that doesn’t just put out IT and cyber security fires, but actively prevents them. A partner that cares enough to help you be more efficient, productive and profitable.

Merit has provided IT solutions for businesses to help them optimize their operations since 2009.

A Business IT Services Partner Invested In Your Success

When you partner with Merit, you can feel confident your IT problems are being addressed actively and quickly within your company’s needs and budget. You’ll be supported by a reliable partner that consistently and proactively strives to make sure your company is fully protected and compliant. 

Relationship-focused experts working with you, not against you
Service-oriented co-management team that goes the extra mile
Proactive, not reactive, approach to technology and IT roadmapping


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Cybersecurity threats are on the rise, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up. Keeping pace with the chaos of rapidly evolving cyber threats, the tools to defend against them, and the expertise required to make sense of it all is challenging.

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Don’t Waste Time and Money

If you don’t have a trusted, relationship-focused partner in IT that can respond quickly to your needs and help you plan your company’s future, you may have to deal with security concerns or system slow-downs on your own.

Not choosing the right business IT services partner could threaten your growth and security.