How you are at risk – Cybersecurity

Why worry about cybersecurity? We all have digital lives these days spread across multiple accounts for both work and pleasure. The Internet has disrupted the way we live. It has given us many advantages for knowledge and information, collaboration with coworkers, keeping up with distant family, but unfortunately people and companies can also use it for bad. Believe it or not we all have to consider ourselves a target when it comes to our digital lives.

General speaking, hackers and organized crime, are motivated by money. Your data is very valuable to them and can be sold on the Dark Web. The Dark Web is an underground digital marketplace where a number of illegal activities take place. Unfortunately for us; nation states, organized crime, and people without morals have the opportunity to operate anonymously on the web making it very difficult to prosecute. The fact that many cybercrimes cross national borders make it even harder.

We all should be following basic security hygiene with all we do in work and personal lives. SO what can you do to try and protect yourself? Educate yourself as having knowledge is the best defense for cybersecurity. Here is a short list of items to help:

1. Participate in a Security Awareness Program like KnowBe4, make sure to educate yourself.

2. Make sure you are constantly aware of your devices. What devices are connecting to the Internet? (televisions, thermostats, phones, cameras, laptops, etc.)

3. Always use a SPAM filter that scan scan links and attachments. Don’t click on links or attachments unless you trust them.

4. Always use AntiVirus/AntiMalware software on your devices.

5. Don’t use Public WiFi for sensitive tasks, like online banking or checking work emails.

6. Always use MFA (multi-factor authentication) when available.

7. Use strong passphrases or a password manager.

8. Make sure you apply software patches regularly.

9. Backup you data regularly!

Article provided by James Edwards, VP/CIO at Merit Technologies

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