How Secure is Your Cloud Server?

Using a cloud server is a great way for your business to keep its technology up to date. There are many advantages, but also some things to be cautious of. When using a cloud services, you can use as little or as much storage as you need, without having to worry about limitations or huge bills. This is perfect for growing businesses because it’s flexible and is easy to adjust as needed. You and your team can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud servers are ideal for the hybrid work world we live in today.

Another benefit is that you don’t need to use up a large amount of office space housing big servers and other equipment – which also means you won’t have to deal with the associated high-power bills and maintenance costs. It is important, however, for you to ensure that your cloud server is properly secured, and that your data is protected.

According to a recent report, cloud servers are being increasingly used as an entry point for cyber criminals to launch attacks. 41% of businesses that have been hacked reveal that cyber criminals got in through their cloud server – and scarily, this figure is rising 10% each and every year. Why? Often, it’s because companies don’t invest as much into the security of their cloud servers as they should and because they don’t realize the risk of assuming that a third party is keeping their data secure.

With technology – just like most things in life – you really do get what you pay for. Many free cloud servers don’t provide the same level of security and encryption that paid services do. They’re often less reliable, as well. When choosing a cloud server, it’s vital that your business does the research to ensure it meets all your requirements is secure as possible.

Better yet – get an expert to do this research for you (we can help). We also recommend always following standard security measures. Give each of your team members a password manager. Then have them use it to generate unique random passwords for every login they have. These programs will remember your passwords and autofill the login boxes. This not only do they allow for better security, but they also provide greater convenience, all in one package. Business emails are the second place an attack is most likely to originate. Therefore, you should provide regular cybersecurity training for all your employees. And a good first line of defense is for the people in your organization to always stop and ask themselves: “Wait, does this look right?” (If they are unsure, it’s probably not).

Remember – cyber criminals don’t just target big businesses. They use automated tools to target all businesses, of all sizes. Smaller businesses make easier targets, especially when they don’t take security seriously. No one can prevent 100% of attacks, but if you take all the right steps to keep your business safe. The chances of your business falling victim to a cyberattack decrease dramatically.

If you’re unsure if your cloud server – or any part of your technology – is safe, contact us. We’ll check for you.

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.

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