HIPAA Compliance Consulting Services

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Ensure your business is HIPAA compliant, improve compliance, security and more with certified HIPAA consultants.

HIPAA IT Consulting Services for businesses throughout America.

Our HIPAA auditors ensure that your healthcare organization is compliant. We assess regulatory mandates and industry standards against your current healthcare security program.

Compliance & Security Services

Merit Technologies Cyber Security & HIPAA Compliance Services can help your organization to follow HIPAA regulatory standards if that is what you are trying to accomplish. HIPAA requires that your data be stored securely and procedures are put in place to ensure compliance.

We offer HIPAA compliance packages which provide you with the necessary framework to adapt to these changes. Rather than worrying about HIPAA compliance, you can focus on keeping your data safe and making sure it’s not accessed by cyber criminals.

What is cyber crime and how can it affect healthcare? Hackers have been affecting safety and that’s why it’s so important to take steps to protect patient information.

Reduce HIPAA security and data risks

Collect, store and transfer health data without risking hefty regulatory fines. Merit Technologies can help you efficiently decide how to do this.

Healthcare is our focus and we make sure to take care of the complicated aspects of healthcare administration so that you can concentrate on medical procedures and patient interaction.

Ensure Microsoft Services are Compliant

HIPAA guidelines exist to ensure customer confidential data and records are secure. While Microsoft services such as Office 365, Outlook, Azure, Teams & SharePoint are compliant, it still ultimately leaves the responsibility of adhering to these policies in the hands of healthcare organizations themselves.

Ongoing training is recommended to keep your team up to date on best practices for interacting with customer data and technology. This will help safeguard your company should any mistakes happen.

Get help from the best, consult our expert team of HIPAA compliance consultants.

Our services include:


Find & seal any openings to your computers or network to prevent hackers

Avoid fines

Our HIPAA compliant data centers let you securely store sensitive data and avoid fines.

IT Support

Prevent staff from violating HIPAA rules through our training program.


Restrict access to patient data, to employees you can trust.