Are Hackers Using AI? What You Need To Know

Hackers using AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used both as a shield and a sword, to defend and to attack. AI has emerged as a powerful tool, not only for cyber security experts striving to enhance digital defenses but also for hackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities. 

In this blog post, we discuss the dual nature of AI, exploring how it serves as both a potent weapon and a security solution for those willing to invest in it.

The Current AI Revolution

Artificial intelligence, the ability of machines to exhibit human-like traits and behaviors, has revolutionized various industries. Its impact on the cyber security world is profound, introducing a paradigm shift in how we approach digital threats and IT consulting solutions.

However, this transformative technology is not exclusive to defenders. Hackers, too, are harnessing the power of AI to craft sophisticated attacks.

Hackers Using AI: AI Weaponization

Despite the positive impact of AI on cyber security, cybercriminals are not lagging in adapting this technology for malicious purposes. 

Here are four of the most common ways we find hackers leveraging AI:

1. Sneaky Codes: Keeping an Eye Out for Cyber Tricks

Hackers are getting clever with AI, using it to hide sneaky codes in seemingly normal apps. Imagine these codes as secret agents waiting for the perfect moment to cause trouble. 

The scary part? They can chill in your apps, unnoticed, for a long time before making a move and messing with your data.

2. Smart Attacks and Clever Malware

Hackers using AI are like AI wizards, using its smarts to create malware that learns from its mistakes. Tools like ChatGPT give them tips to improve their code, making their attacks sharper. 

Translation: They’re more likely to succeed in future hacks.

3. Intelligent Attacks that Spread Like Wildfire

Picture AI-powered attacks that spread on their own through systems or networks. Smart malware can find weak spots and adapt to different attack methods, making it a big threat. 

AI makes it possible to put your systems at risk of a full-on takeover.

4. Tricking the System: AI in Stealth Mode

AI helps create sneaky malware that pretends to be trusted system parts. By learning how a company works, hackers can pull off undetectable attacks. 

Scary, right?

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AI as a Security Solution

With all of this in mind, security experts love AI for beefing up cyber defenses. AI tools can spot and fight off cyber threats without needing humans all the time. Here are four cool ways AI helps in cybersecurity:

1. Understanding Users

AI watches how people behave online. If something weird happens, it can catch it early and stop bad things from going down.

2. Smarter Antivirus

AI helps antivirus tools spot malicious code by learning how regular code behaves. It’s an enhanced version of antivirus that’s a lot more proactive than the antivirus software you’re used to.

3. Automatic Network Watchdog

AI keeps a close eye on networks, spotting any intruders ASAP. It uses smart tricks like anomaly detection, keyword matching and statistical monitoring to detect a wide array of network or system intrusions and stops them in their tracks.

4. Scanning Emails

AI is like a bodyguard for your inbox, spotting tricky phishing emails. It goes beyond just checking links, making sure the sender is on the up-and-up. As impressive as this technology is, it isn’t 100 percent accurate for defending against business email compromise (BEC) phishing attacks. 

Want to stay two steps ahead of cybercriminals? The best offense is a great defense. 

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Hackers Using AI: Final Thoughts

As AI continues to shape the future of cyber security, it’s essential to recognize its dual role. While AI enhances our ability to defend against evolving threats, it also empowers hackers using AI to craft more intelligent and adaptive attacks. 

Security communities must stay vigilant, gaining in-depth knowledge of AI-powered attacks to develop effective mitigations and controls. Talk with an expert today to learn more about strengthening your cyber defenses.

And, if you already have an IT team protecting your company from cyber threats, consider a co-managed approach to fill any knowledge gaps you may have.

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