Guide to Multi-Factor Authentication: Why All Businesses Should Adopt MFA. Now.

Does your business use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? It adds extra layers of security by requiring two or more different identification factors to log in to an account, device, application, or system. For example, a password along with a fingerprint and a single-use code that’s sent to your phone.

Cybercriminals are getting more and more clever in coming up with ways to get around security measures. But the more barriers you put in their way, the more difficult it becomes for them to break through into your systems.

A cyberattack can be devastating to a business. Many simply don’t survive a successful cyber crime attack. The impact, disruption, and costs associated with them can devastate your chances of survival. That’s why it’s vital to think seriously about how to best protect your data. MFA is one of the strongest security tools available, and implementing it can prevent the vast majority of these attacks.

If you haven’t upgraded your security to include multi-factor authentication, you could me making things far too easy for an intruder. All businesses should adopt MFA – now. Our free guide breaks down everything you need to know and the top reasons to implement MFA throughout your business.

Also, be sure to check out our video covering 3 important reasons your business needs to use MFA if you’re serious about data security.

This is part of what we do to help our clients stay secure every day, so if you’re concerned about protecting your business, contact our experts today.

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