Google Workspace Tips: How to Enhance Your Holiday Productivity

Google Workspace

Google Workspace Tips: How to Enhance Your Holiday Productivity

Are you ready to maximize your holiday productivity with Google Workspace? As a Google Workspace support partner, we know a thing or two about optimizing your office space, especially this time of year when it’s most needed. 

To help you finish the year strong, we’re offering 18 insider tips and tricks that will make your work life more efficient, secure and organized, even during the festive season. Let’s dive into these Google Workspace gems that can boost your productivity.

1. Send Emails With Large Attachments

You might be accustomed to the 25 MB file limit in Gmail, but we have a solution to supercharge your email attachments. By uploading your files to Google Drive and using the “Insert files using Drive” button at the bottom of your email, you can send messages with attachments of up to 10 GB. 

Say goodbye to the frustration of small file sizes.

2. Utilize Confidential Mode in Gmail

Cybersecurity is a major concern across all businesses and industries. Do you need to send sensitive information via Gmail securely? Confidential mode is your answer. Before hitting send, click on the “Turn confidential mode on/off” button at the bottom of your email. 

This feature not only protects your email and data but also prevents recipients from forwarding, copying, downloading or printing your message and its attachments. You can even set an expiration date and require an SMS verification code for access.

3. Streamline Your Research With the Research Pane

Working in Google Docs and constantly switching between windows during research can be overwhelming. We’ve got a solution: Open the Explore function in Google Docs under the “Tools” tab. A pane will appear on the right side, allowing you to access Google Search directly from Google Docs. 

You can also add links or embed images directly from the pane using simple drag and drop.

4. Enhance Productivity With Google Add-Ons

In addition to Google’s apps, there are numerous third-party apps available through the Google Marketplace that can enhance the functionality of Google Apps. For example, in Google Sheets, click on “Add-ons” in the top navigation, then select “Get Add-ons” to choose from a variety of options like Google Analytics or digital signature apps for Gmail. These add-ons can supercharge your productivity.

5. Keep Your View Activity Private in Google Docs

Google Docs offers an activity dashboard for tracking document viewers, but did you know you can hide your view history? It’s simple: go to the activity dashboard, access your privacy settings and turn off your view history. 

You can do this for the document you’re currently working on or for all Docs, Sheets and Slides.

6. Personalize Your Google Chrome Search Screen and Shortcuts

Customize your Google Chrome experience with background images and shortcuts. When opening a new tab, click on “Customize this page” (behind the pencil icon in the bottom right corner). You can choose your background image or select one from Chrome. 

Adding shortcuts is a breeze: Simply click “Add shortcut” and input the name and URL of your favorite sites.

7. Effortlessly Manage Your Calendar in Gmail

You don’t need to be a managed IT expert to manage your Google Calendar. When you receive calendar invitations in Gmail, open the side panel and click on the calendar icon to check for any conflicting appointments on that day. 

You can also use the side panel to create new Google Calendar events without switching tabs.

8. Easy Integration of Google Keep for Mobile Users

If you’re always on the go, this tip is for you. With the side panel, you can drag and drop content from Google Keep (Google’s mobile note-taking app) into your slides, documents or sheets. It’s a great way to keep your ideas organized and accessible.

9. Single Sign-On (SSO) for Easy Access

Simplify your access to G Suite and third-party apps with single sign-on (SSO). This is particularly useful when using a G Suite intranet that supports SSO. One login for all your essential apps.

10. Get Quick Answers in Google Sheets

Does finding the answers you’re looking for feel like you need an IT consulting professional? There’s a way around this problem you might not be aware of. 

In Google Sheets, you can ask questions in plain language by clicking “Explore” in the bottom navigation bar. Type your question, and Google Sheets will provide you with immediate answers, saving you time and effort.

11. Engage Your Audience With Q&A in Google Slides

Start a Q&A session within your Google Slides presentation. Click on “Start a Q&A,” and Google will generate a URL for your audience to submit their questions. It’s a fantastic way to encourage participation and interaction.

12. Streamline Translations With Google Translate

For international teams, Google Translate can be a lifesaver. In Google Docs, go to “Tools” and select “Translate document.” You can then choose the desired language for your document.

13. Easily Retrieve Images From a Google Doc

Downloading images from a Google Doc is a breeze. Simply go to “File” and select “Download as,” then choose “Web page (.html Zipped).” This will download a folder containing all the images in their full quality.

14. Named Revisions for Document Collaboration

When collaborating on a document, keeping track of changes can be a challenge. Google Docs allows you to name revisions, making it easier to understand who made what changes and why.

15. Hands-Free Voice Dictation in Google Docs

Did you know you can use voice dictation in Google Docs? Go to “Tools” and select “Voice typing.” This feature allows you to speak your text and even use voice shortcuts for punctuation, making document creation a breeze.

16. Access All Comments, Even Resolved Ones

Google Docs enables you to view all comments in a document, including those that have been resolved. Click on the comments icon next to “Share” on the top menu bar to access the full comment history.

17. Restart Chrome With Tabs Intact

If Chrome is slowing down, you can restart it without losing your open tabs. Simply type “chrome://restart” in the address bar and hit enter to relaunch your browser with all your tabs intact.

18. Start New Documents From Your Address Bar

For a shortcut to create new documents, slides or spreadsheets, type “,” “,” or “” in your Chrome address bar. It’s a time-saving trick to get started quickly.

“Wrapping Up” Your Google Workspace Holiday Season Productivity Tips

With these tips and tricks from Merit Technologies, you’ll be all set to enhance your holiday productivity and make the most out of your work during the festive season. 

Does not keeping up with the latest trends in office productivity feel like getting a lump of coal in your stocking? Talk with an expert or contact us today to learn more about getting the most out of your workplace technology.

And, if you’re curious about what other office insights we have to offer, check out our Microsoft 365 support partner page.

Make the most of your Google Workspace tools and enjoy a more efficient and productive holiday season.

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