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Reap the benefits of Google’s powerful productivity and messaging apps, so you can focus on growing your business

Up to 80% IT Spend Reduction

Save costs by outsourcing to Google’s collaborative apps, which cost less than in-house infrastructure.

Improved Productivity

Real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and video creation.

Seamless Integration

Google’s proprietary servers run the show - no additional hardware or software required.

Improved Communication

Employee “own domain” email addresses on Google-hosted email, calendar, and IM apps.

Reap the Benefits of Managed Google Workspaces

Get enterprise-level features without the enterprise cost.

Google Workspace (previously G-Suite) is made up of Cloud-hosted business applications that support the hosting of a range of business tools such as files, shared calendars, email, websites, and more. With our managed Google Workspace solution, you get a comprehensive IT service that allows you to choose how you use it – whether that is flexibly for all of your IT needs, or only to support individual components, such as hosted email – while retaining your in-house server for file, database, and print sharing.

Our highly skilled team of Google Workspace consultants has a vast 12-year track record of supporting multinational companies in South Carolina and surrounding areas, so you can be assured of our competence and ability to manage and resolve challenges as they occur wherever you are.

Feedback from our customers

The project kickoff meetings were very productive. They were well organized. The Merit team asked great questions, and they listened and learned quickly, and it helped develop a solid foundation for the project quickly. The Merit Team was very responsive, both with questions and answers to questions. They always closed the loop on open issues, communicating completion, and demonstrating completion. Thanks again for your support.

Rob Wiseman - Wise Technical Solutions

Streamline Your Business

How we use Google to improve your productivity while you focus on your business growth.



We’ll configure Google Workspace based on your specific business needs



We’ll integrate Google Workspace with other Cloud-based apps, so you can enjoy a seamless experience



We’ll deliver customized training that shows you how you and your employees can use and optimize many of Google’s suite of tools


On-going support.

We’ll help you address and manage any ongoing issues that you have with Google Workspace

Get world-class managed Google Workspace Consulting services in South Carolina.

As certified support consultants based in South Carolina, USA, Merit Technologies is available to help with any technical issues you or your employees might face.

We offer managed Google Workspace services from industry experts who are held to the highest international standards, and because we know your needs are unique, we tailor our solutions specifically to your business. If you need a South Carolina-based team that will put your needs first, then drop us a line and our consultants would be happy to have a chat about your needs.