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We mostly use Google to search for a particular website, to order food, shop, or even find funny cat videos. Whatever you may be searching for, we all use Google to track down quality information quickly. Even inspiring the popular phrase, “Google It”. With information readily at our fingertips, have you ever wondered how Google Search seems like it already knows what you are trying to look for? Here are a few facts about the search engine. PageRank is an algorithm (Previously) used by Google to determine the score of every search result. If the score is high, the better the chance the website will be on the first page of that specific search due to how many times it has been previously visited. Google also has language understanding systems that help with attempting to autocomplete your search or even attempt to update your current query. 

Even though the search engine appears to know exactly what you are looking for, Google has more than 10,000 people who are considered Search Quality Raters. These people rate and confirm the searches present to obtain the highest quality content result. This leads to thousands of changes to the system’s algorithm every year to better enhance our experience. If you are searching for a person, place, or thing that is considered popular with the algorithm, Google will provide additional features for that search. The search will include panels, snippets, and can even answer your questions before you decide to click on the link. The idea for Google Search is to give you the most accurate information possible without needing to dig too deep into the abyss that is the internet. If you are still interested in how Google Search works behind the scenes, check out some of the Google links below.

Article by Antonio C., Engineer
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