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Outsourced IT services pay off for financial firms

Financial IT Services Solutions for You

Financial IT Services Solutions For You

At Merit Technologies, we get that the financial world isn’t just about dollars and cents: It’s about data, reliability and staying ahead of the game. Our financial IT services are like your personal tech sidekick, getting into the specifics of your industry to make sure your digital game is always on point.

When you team up with Merit, our work goes beyond just fixing glitches. We know tech is the backbone of finance, and our goal is to be your go-to ally. Think of us as the IT wing of your team, always ready to craft solutions that not only tackle your current challenges but also set you up for a future of growth and resilience in the financial sector.

Are All Your IT Ducks In a Row?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can ease your worries.

Financial Services IT Solutions: How We Serve You

Tailored Solutions for Your Financial Goals

At Merit Technologies, we believe in crafting IT solutions as unique as your financial strategies. Partnering with us means learning your business model, understanding your objectives and tailoring our IT solutions to seamlessly align with your financial goals.

Whether it’s enhancing efficiency, mitigating risks or fostering innovation, our customized approach ensures that technology becomes an enabler rather than a constraint.

Fortifying Your Financial Security Armor

In fintech, security isn’t just a feature; it’s a non-negotiable requirement. With Merit as your IT ally, rest assured that your digital fortress is fortified against cyber security threats.  Our comprehensive security measures encompass cutting-edge technologies, regular audits and proactive monitoring, creating a robust shield around your financial data and transactions.

Unparalleled Support, Every Step of the Way

Tech hiccups happen, but with Merit, you’re never alone when trouble strikes. Our dedicated support team is at your service, ready to tackle challenges, answer queries and keep your systems running smoothly.

We take pride in being more than a service provider; we’re your partner in success, committed to offering unparalleled support that goes beyond fixing issues to proactively ensuring your IT environment is optimized for peak performance.

Financial IT Services In Action: Client Spotlight

For over 16 years, Merit Technologies has supported FinTrust Capital Advisors, ensuring they can confidently serve their clients with the utmost data security. As a long-standing partner, we’ve provided FinTrust with comprehensive managed IT services, covering everything from server and workstation support to remote and on-site end-user assistance. 

The decision to partner with Merit went beyond services; it was about building a relationship with a tech ally that would deliver fast, effective and proactive solutions. Brittany C. Bynum, VP of operations at FinTrust, attests to the consistent expertise and friendliness of Merit associates.

To see firsthand how our relationship-centric approach has propelled FinTrust to new heights, check out our client spotlight video here.

Financial Services IT Solutions: Discover Inside Knowledge

Our commitment to taking your business to the next level goes beyond our services. Our business IT blog is a free valuable resource, and we’ve added a dedicated “Financial” filter to provide you with valuable insights into finance and IT. With regular updates and expert articles, you’ll find in-depth resources to help your organization stay informed, secure and efficient.

Explore the financial category in our blog to access these and more insightful articles. And if you want to learn more about IT or how we can help your organization, let’s talk.

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