Microsoft to Introduce Avatars for Teams

Online video calls are now a normal part of our working lives, but it doesn’t make them any more exciting. Would you like to make your Teams meetings a little more fun? Of course you would! Good news – Microsoft is introducing avatars in Teams

You’ll be able to design your own avatar and personalize its appearance, accessories, reactions, and gestures.

According to Microsoft, it’s common to feel stressed and exhausted after spending a lot of time on camera. Reducing that stress by using a virtual representation of yourself is just one application for these new avatars in Teams.

Check out our Tech Update video to learn more about this upcoming feature.

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Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.

Here is more information about the types of avatars:

  1. Profile Pictures:
    • The most basic form of avatar, usually a static image of the user. It can be a photo, logo, or any picture that the user chooses to represent themselves.
  2. Custom Avatars:
    • Users can create custom avatars using various tools and software. These can be cartoonish representations or stylized images that reflect the user’s personality or interests.
  3. Animated Avatars:
    • These avatars can include movement and expressions, adding a dynamic element to virtual interactions. They can be pre-made animations or user-controlled characters that react in real-time.
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