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Cyber security compliance

Understanding Cyber Security Compliance

Cyber Security Compliance: What You Need to Know Cyber security is a complex problem to navigate. Companies need a resilience-focused approach towards internet-exposed software and hardware infrastructures to rule out existing and potential vulnerabilities, however,  compliance takes no less consideration than cyber threats in the business environment. Even though it’s an overwhelming topic,  establishing a…

Cybersecurity Checklist

5 Step Cybersecurity Checklist

5 Step Cybersecurity Checklist As the technology world continues to evolve every year, cybercriminal activity skyrockets alongside it. Add to that the rising number of people working from home, and it becomes very clear that cybersecurity must work harder.  Navigating today’s complex digital landscape is a challenge because cybersecurity threats have transformed from traditional brute force to…

Computer - Technical Support

Break/Fix vs Managed Services

With the emergence of the pandemic, IT systems have become the core functionality to many businesses as working-from-home becomes the new norm. Therefore, choosing the right management option for IT services shouldn’t be taken lightly. Large companies who have big IT divisions can manage their own infrastructure in-house. But those businesses who do not have…