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Your Senior Living Facility is Relationship-Focused; So Are We

When people come to you looking for the right kind of care, they want the best in customer service, responsiveness, and trust. At Merit, we believe that your IT partner should operate the same way.

We’re ready to serve you and guide you with a technology roadmap to increase your productivity and profitability. We stay ahead of technology and can offer expert advice. Just like you, we want your assisted living facility’s tech to run smoothly.

Discover how we helped the Rolling Green Village retirement community here.

To protect your senior living community, you need a strong, multi-pronged defense. Merit Defense prevents confidential, protected health information (PHI) from being compromised, upholds your business’s reputation, and maintains business continuity with our team of security experts, advanced technology, and a comprehensive set of processes.

Is Your Current IT Provider Underperforming? ​​

If any of these situations sounds familiar it's time to find a better approach to managing your IT.

Need HIPAA Compliance? This Isn’t Our First Rodeo

Merit Technologies is a third-party, HIPAA-verified IT company that provides ePHI safeguarding while helping you achieve maximum organizational efficiency with electronic health records. We work with partners (healthcare organizations, covered entities and business associates) to maintain compliance with HIPAA using both technical and non-technical safeguards to protect against loss or disclosure of ePHI.

To meet regulatory and data security measures mandatory for managing electronic health records, Merit Technologies provides security measures that satisfy compliance requirements and help you optimize the ROI on your technology investments.

Not Investing in the Right IT Partner Could Cost You

Did you know that senior care communities are becoming more alluring to cybercriminals seeking vulnerable targets? Healthcare organizations continue to have the highest costs associated with data breaches, with an average total breach cost of $9.23 million in 2021.

Here are some other statistics you might want to know:

  • The average time to detect and contain a breach is 287 days.
  • The average downtime of a ransomware attack is 21 days.
  • Ransomware breaches cost $761,404 on average, with $1.85 million lost due to downtime.

Don’t become a cybercrime statistic. Talk with an expert today to:

How We Help You

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors for a company to have proper safeguards established. However, it can be a complicated sector to navigate. It is essential that your company have the right partners in place to help you navigate this industry.

If you are looking for comprehensive HIPAA consulting services that protect your business, you should speak with our team. Our consulting experts have helped numerous healthcare organizations stay compliant with HIPAA regulations over the years and provide support in ensuring that the policies are followed accordingly.

We want your life care services to be productive and secure. Here’s how we help our healthcare professionals:

Free E-Book: 2023 Managed IT Services Buyer's Guide

Thinking of switching IT services support companies? Read this guide first! Inside, you’ll discover how to choose a managed IT services support company that’s the best fit for you. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Why it’s important to partner with a provider that thinks strategically.
  • Reasons why business owners like you switch IT companies.
  • How to protect your business’s most valuable asset.

This guide will serve as a rudder to help you navigate the IT services waters.

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