Are There Gaps in Your Approach to Security?

To protect your home from an intruder you make sure all your doors and windows are locked and secured. You might take additional measures such as building a fence around your yard or getting an intimidating-looking guard dog.

But what’s the use in going to all those efforts if somebody has already broken in and is hiding in your basement?

Yet so many businesses use this approach to security when trying to protect their data from cybercriminals.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s a lot that they are doing right, like investing in security software and implementing other things we recommend – such as multi-factor authentication, dependable backup systems, encryption, and security awareness training.

However, they often leave some gaps in their security policy by not paying enough attention to other important measures – like detecting and responding to any threats that might have gotten past common security controls. With detection and response, systems are continuously monitored to identify any signs that a bad actor could have gained access, and rapid and methodical action is taken in order to stop them in their tracks.

According to a new study, two thirds of businesses have prevention as their primary focus, yet only one third of companies make detection their top priority. This means that the majority of businesses are building figurative 10-foot walls around their systems while criminals could already be inside.

In-house IT personnel may believe the measures they’ve implemented are enough to stay secure, but statistics seem to indicate that they’re too complacent. Last year, over 80% of businesses suffered more than one data breach – even though they had “good” security in place.

Hackers are always looking for and coming up with new ways to get past security protocols. That means we need to take a multi-layered approach to keep today’s determined cybercriminals away – including both prevention and detection as part of a strong security policy for the best protection.

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Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.

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