Are Employees More or Less Productive When Working From Home?

HA recent major study conducted by Microsoft reveals some insights about productivity in the workplace – and the results might surprise you.

Researchers surveyed 20,000 people working for businesses in 11 different countries. They found that four out of five bosses believe their employees are less productive when working from home. But those employees don’t feel the same – a massive 87% of staff feel MORE productive when working remotely. Why is there such a big disconnect?

Productivity Paranoia

According to Satya Nadella of Microsoft, this is due to what he calls “productivity paranoia” – a gap between what employers expect from their people and what employees feel. It’s likely that some bosses would like to go back to the way we worked before 2020. Their people prefer the flexibility of today’s hybrid work model. We’ve found there are several benefits to working from home or hybrid, such as a better work/life balance, less commuting, more flexibility, and employee satisfaction, just to name a few. But there are some prerequisites for a successful “work from home” environment: employers need to be able to trust their team, give them the right tools for the job, and communicate well with them. Be sure to set clear expectations and give constructive feedback if people aren’t performing up to standards.

It’s also important to provide your team with the right the tools and technology to help them get things done and do their jobs well, regardless of where they’re working. Are the tools they have suitable for the job they’re doing? Do they have the applications needed to communicate and collaborate on projects? Are their devices secure and protected properly – in and out of the office?

Take the time to discuss the tools and technologies you provide with your team members – after all, they’re the ones who use them every day. You should also communicate and demonstrate that you trust and value your people. This can help to build a loyal and productive team.

Need assistance finding the right tools and technology that allow for maximum productivity and flexibility for your employees? We can help – just get in touch.

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