5 Benefits of Outsourcing Cybersecurity

With the way technology today is rapidly and constantly changing, many businesses find it hard to keep up. Pretty much every business – from small and medium sized organizations to large enterprises – relies on technology to be successful and improve their operations. New developments in digital communication and information technology have transformed the business landscape. With the increase of remote workers due to COVID-19, cyber threats are also becoming more and more prevalent.

In order to have an effective cybersecurity program, businesses need certain technology tools, skilled experts, and the ability to constantly monitor and respond to threats. This is why more and more companies are turning to professional services to outsource their cybersecurity management, which allows them to receive quality services that keep them secure, while also saving them time and money.

Thinking about outsourcing? Here are 5 reasons your business would benefit from outsourcing technology and cybersecurity needs:

1)     Cost Efficiency

You might think that outsourcing work will cost more than finding a way to do it in-house, however, when it comes to protecting important information within your network of devices, outsourcing to a cybersecurity company is the way to go. It can cost as much as three million dollars a year to handle all security operations in-house. On the other hand, rather than hiring a team of security analysts, implementing training, going through turnover, and installing the variety of security solutions, you can turn to a reliable cybersecurity company for a fraction of the cost.

2)    The Work of Experts

Not only is relying on the service of a cybersecurity company cost efficient, it is also more effective when it comes to reading and creating security solutions. Some companies rely only on software to protect their information, but that is not enough; you need a team of human analysts working alongside the software. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and security analysts have the extensive knowledge needed to combat attacks. They are constantly reading complicated reports, searching for problems and finding solutions.

3)     Real-Time Monitoring and Instant Analysis

Quality cybersecurity companies have the tools and systems in place to detect and protect against changes within routers, firewalls, and other servers, while also gathering full-configuration information and recognizing changes in threat feeds, blacklists, and geolocations. This improves the accuracy in monitoring and reporting, and when you combine that with an expert staff of security analysts, you have a threat detection system that stands at the ready to identify, respond and remediate threats to your business. They will be able to detect potential breaches in your network as soon as they happen instead of days, weeks, or months later, when the damage can be detrimental.

4)     Customizing Your System for Best Protections

Along with recognizing your network devices and understanding threats, outsourced cybersecurity solutions can be tailored to protect the unique conditions of your network environment. This customized configuration is based on the type of servers and applications you run and the different types of user profiles that make up your workforce. As your environment changes, the solution can be easily modified to adapt to changes in the environment (for example, a sudden shift of office-based user activity to remote-based user activity).

5)     Time Efficiency

As with just about any service that you outsource, when you eliminate one line of work or task, you simply free up time and resources for you to be able to focus on other opportunities. Outsourcing your cybersecurity needs will give you and your business peace of mind, creating greater bandwidth for growth.

Outsourcing your cybersecurity will ensure that you follow compliance guidelines and get the protection you need from the increasing threats. If you are looking for a reliable cybersecurity company, look to us at Merit Technologies — we can provide you with all of these benefits and more. For questions or inquiries, contact us today.

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